To ensure your wedding and reception is everything you want it to be you need an experienced, professional staff. At Hawthorne House our staff prides itself in providing our clients with an exceptionally high level of quality service. Our full-service, professional staff consists of:

Special Event Planners: One of our special event planners is most likely the first person you will come in contact with at Hawthorne House. She will show you the facility, review policies and assist you in reserving your date. She is available to you during regular business hours to answer any questions you may have regarding your event.

Wedding and Reception Coordinators:  One of our wedding and reception coordinators will meet with you three weeks prior to your event, will coordinate your rehearsal and will coordinate your wedding and reception activities here at Hawthorne House, as well as supervise our staff.

Menu Planning:  Hawthorne House is more than happy to provide a taste test for the bride and groom,  so they can sample some of our wonderful menu items.  One of our special events managers will then meet with you to plan your menu.  She will then work with the chefs to finalize all of the menu details for your special event.

Staff: Our staff is professional, gracious and sincere. Their goal is to help ensure that your event is enjoyable and stress free for you and your guests.

Hawthorne House has a reputation for bringing clients an extremely high level of service. Our staff is here to advise and coordinate your special event from the very first time you step inside our doors until your last guest goes home. We provide this level of service in a relaxed and positive manner, so you and your guests can enjoy your event.