Your Wedding, Your Style

Weddings are a crazy and stressful time. You are not only planning an evening of celebration for you and your spouse-to-be but also your closest 50-200 family and friends. Not to mention the other little details such as the dress, food, venue, etc. That is a list that would overwhelm Miranda Priestly with anxiety.


So if you are reading this in the midst of planning your special day, close your eyes and take a deep breath and remember, this day is all you. You can choose to do what you want with it. This is your dress to wear on the red carpet, the table you choose to sit at in the cafeteria. It is a reflection of your personality and style in the best possible way. Go with your gut and pick what you’d like- it’s all about you after all.

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Cocktail hour and Wedding Fun!

Ever wondered what the guests of a wedding are doing while the Bride and Groom are taking pictures? Not a lot. Perhaps letting them take advantage of a cocktail hour with complementary drinks, and/or providing them with hors d’oeuvres will keep them occupied and happy until the arrival of the newly weds.



A great way to fill time during the cocktail hour, besides complementary drinks and eats is with yard games! Games like corn hole, croquet or even life sized Jenga can keep guests busy. Friendly competition works up quite the appetite and there is nothing that satisfies a hungry guest like bite sized snacks to tide them over until dinner. And nothing says, “Please enjoy our special day” like plates of Crostini with beef tenderloin and truffle butter, bacon wrapped shrimp with lemon aioli, or freshly made bruschetta being passed after the ceremony. After all, cocktail hour is the perfect time to allow the guests to enjoy all that the special day has to offer.

1N7A0040-2And then…the celebration begins!



Don’t Let the Rain Ruin Your Day!

Sunshine, no humidity, and maybe a slight breeze. All of these elements make up the perfect wedding day, and as most people in Kansas City have realized, an entire month of rain can be a reality.

1N7A8980-2Yet don’t let that realization add more stress to your big day. If you are being married at Hawthorne House you can switch from an outdoor, gazebo wedding to inside our beautiful chapel. In addition to the relocation of the ceremony, if it rains we have also had the pleasure of working alongside the ladies of Be Chic. These talented ladies can make you look beautiful on your wedding day but also can travel to your place of Holy matrimony for reasons of time, weather, etc.  So no need to fear the storm- there is sunshine hiding somewhere!



Create wedding reception tables for the kids with fun favors so they can enjoy your big day too!

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If you are planning for your big day, make sure you don’t forget about the kids you’ll invite as well. Most likely, there will be at least two of them at the reception: the flower girl and the ring bearer. Why not make this day a fun one for them too? Here are some fun favors kids will definitely enjoy finding on the wedding tables:

  • Candy/cookies. Well, the little ones may not be allowed to over-indulge on the sweet things, but this is a big day so their parents will probably have nothing against a bit of extra-sugar. Prepare really fun sweets for them and remember to “sprinkle” them with some wedding-related “motifs” as well. For instance, a gingerbread “bride” and a gingerbread “groom” will make for a very nice and wedding-like treat for the kids.
  • Coloring/activity books and crayons. You can easily print out and make some personalized wedding-themed coloring books. This works especially well with smaller children, since it will keep them busy throughout the reception too.
  • Mini-gumball machines. Yes, they do exist and they will bring lots of joy into the children’s eyes. Pick machines that go with your wedding colors and you’ll integrate them perfectly into the reception.

Hawthorne House would love to see how these ideas will look on your wedding too! Our venue can provide everyone with the kind of weddings only see in the movies, so why not plan yours with us? Come visit us and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the stunning beauty of our location – we guarantee all of your guests (children included) will be very much impressed by it!

Follow This Wedding Dress Checklist to Help You Find “The One”!

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As a bride, you want to feel like the most gorgeous woman that has ever graced the Earth with her presence – and that’s perfectly normal. Here at Hawthorne House we have seen a lot of stunning brides and we are happy for every single one of them. What was their secret though? How did they pick their perfect wedding gowns? Here is a checklist to help you find “the one” – that dress that will make you feel like the Queen of the World as well!

  • Forget about fashion runaways. Sure, it’s more than ok to acquire some inspiration, but don’t try to guide your choice according to the latest trends. Truth be told, most of these trends may have nothing to do with you and who you are.
  • Think of your body type. One of the basic secrets to picking a dress that looks stunning on you is knowing what usually fits you well. For instance, if you have a shapely body, an A-shaped dress will flatter your womanly curves. Likewise, if you are tall, you will look magnificent in a floor-sweeping gown.
  • Choose a color that looks good on you. If you want to go for the classic white, that’s perfectly fine. But you should definitely know that there are many other options out there too: blush pink, cream white, ivory white and so on. Even more than that, these days no color is actually “forbidden” when it comes to wedding gowns!
  • Do make any alterations necessary. It is very likely that you will not find a perfectly-fitting dress, so alterations may be needed. Don’t be afraid to make them, but do allow a professional to take care of this as he/she will know exactly how to alter the dress without ruining its original design.

Hawthorne House hopes your wedding turns out amazing – and this is precisely why we have prepared a gorgeous venue for you. Surrounded by natural beauty, you will feel truly blessed for your unforgettable wedding day!

Wedding traditions and superstitions…will you follow them?

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Here at Hawthorne House we have noticed that aside from the obvious joy and emotion surrounding weddings, these days are also covered in an aura of tradition and superstition as well. Some of the couples who have had beautiful weddings at our venue, also follow traditions, some are true believers in every tiny custom related to their big day and others choose to leave these ideas aside altogether.

Will you follow these customs, or are you going to make whatever you want out of your wedding day? Here are some things that may help you decide:

Is tradition really important for you? If it is, then you have all the right in the world to have a wedding where everything is done “textbook” style.

  • If you are not necessarily attached to tradition, you are more than allowed to simply not follow it as well. After all, this is your big day and you will want it to be perfect according to your standards.
  • Some of the traditions are actually fun and emotional, so you may want to keep them for your wedding too. The father-daughter dance, tossing the bouquet, the first dance – all these moments really make for really amazing and memorable weddings so why not keep them?
  • Don’t worry too much about the superstitions surrounding weddings. If you really want your spouse-to-be to see you before the wedding (and if you want to take pictures of the moment as well), do it! If you want your dress to be red or blue, do it! Do whatever makes you happy because, as mentioned above, this is your wedding and not anybody else’s!

Hawthorne House will be there for you no matter what you choose: tradition or doing things your way. We believe every wedding is beautiful and unique in its own way and we believe that you should be the one who’s happy about everything related to this very important moment of your life. Our wedding venue will be extraordinary for the wedding of your dreams and we will be more than happy to see you have the time of your life here!

Don’t just have a photographer for your wedding ceremony; have them take pictures from the start of getting ready!


As every bride-to-be, you want your wedding to turn out perfectly. Also as every bride-to-be though, you are probably quite stressed out about the way in which your wedding will turn out. The tiny details, the dress, the make-up, your bridesmaids, the flowers – everything will matter for you.

From the very beginning of the big day to the moment you bid farewell to your guests, everything will make you feel like a pack of nervousness and emotions. It is definitely worth keeping these memories alive for as long as possible and hiring a photographer is one of the main ways in which you can do this.

Here at Hawthorne House, we believe that every single minute of your big day is important, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to sleep. And this is why we also believe that your photographer should follow you for the entire day, not just for the ceremony and/or reception. Here are some of the main reasons you should do this as well:

  • Getting ready pictures catch all the “before” nervousness and they make for actual works of art.
  • These pictures can be fun and full of joy as well.
  • This is the perfect moment to shoot some really nice pictures with the most important ladies in your life: your mother and your bridesmaids.

Here at Hawthorne House, we make sure to provide you with the perfect setting that makes for movie-worthy weddings, so take advantage of the wonderful “background” and shoot some “getting ready” pictures before the big “I Do”!

From flower girls to mothers…who should be included in your ceremony walk?



If you care about etiquette (and you should, taking into consideration that this is a very, very important day in your life), you will want to make sure your ceremony turns out absolutely perfect! Perfection includes knowing exactly who should be included in your ceremony walk (and how they should be included as well).  Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • The groom usually enters the first, from a side door and waits at the altar. For Jewish ceremonies though, he will enter together with his parents (after each pair of grandparents, the ushers and the best man).
  • The bridesmaids and the ushers will follow in pairs.
  • Further on, the maid of honor will walk down the aisle.
  • Following her, the children should walk down the aisle (the ring bearer and the flower girl). They can walk alone or they can walk together as a pair – this is your choice.
  • The last one to walk down the aisle is the bride, who will be escorted by her father (both mother and father for the Jewish ceremony).
  • If you want to include your mother and the mother of the groom in the ceremony, you can do this as well. You could, for example, have her walk you down the aisle for half of the way and then leave your father walk you. Or you could include both of the mothers in the walk with one of the groomsmen at their sides. This is entirely your pick!
  • According to your religion, the order and number of the participants in the ceremony walk may differ. Also, if you choose to not have a religious ceremony,you may want to simply “borrow” these “rules” from religious ceremonies or simply make your own rules.

Come take a look at the marvelous venue we have prepared at Hawthorne House and see if it fits your ideal of an ideal wedding! We are more than positive that you’ll love our wedding location!

Table decor ideas for your elegant wedding


The setting of the Hawthorne House will provide your wedding day with elegance, but even though the venue has beauty in itself, décor still plays an important role in accenting a theme for your wedding reception area. When planning your wedding, pay great attention to your table décor as it plays a key role in accenting the look and feel of your reception setting. Here are some tips to help your wedding décor go from bland to beautiful:

  • Centerpieces are an ideal way to accent your reception tables and really make them pop. For example, as we go into the season of Fall, flower arrangements with white and yellow roses along with beautiful fallen leaves provide a cozy feel for your Autumn wedding.
  • Candles are a simple light, but a great way to add romance and a gentle aura to each table. Candles provide décor of course, but you can also have custom-made candles to offer as wedding favors as well, by doing this you are able to shoot two birds with one stone!
  • Table linens will set the mood of your entire reception as they provide that boost of color to the room. Often, brides favor white satin, but if you want a more edgy look for your wedding table, don’t be afraid to use bold colors and even sequins to add that special touch! Adding color to your tables will bring them to life as well as make a statement for your reception setting.

If you want a wedding that will be absolutely unforgettable, make sure to check out Hawthorne House’s splendid venue! Our stunning location is where your fairy tale can come to life.

Be creative when popping the question, you only get one chance!


Here at Hawthorne House we have seen many weddings, but aside from the weddings themselves, we love hearing the stories as to how the big “Will you marry me?” question was popped! If you are planning to ask your special lady for her hand in marriage, here are some great ideas to boost your creativity:

  • Be original when popping the big question instead of following the trends. Of course, romantic dinners and rings placed in the desserts are great proposal options, but choosing an option more unique and creative can make it feel more personable to your special someone.
  • Choose a place and setting that is special to both of you when you ask for her hand in marriage. Choosing the place where you first met or reenacting your first date is a great way to create a special memory, but you can also choose a spot you both like to visit, such as the beach or a beautiful scenic setting.
  • Hiring a photographer to secretly take a picture or record a video of you popping the question is a great way to keep a beautiful memory forever, as well as have something to share with friends and family. Asking your special someone to marry you is a meaningful occasion that is usually just told as a story, but having a picture or a video will bring your story to life.

Once she says “I Do”, the wedding planning will begin! For the perfect venue, take a look at Hawthorne House. We have everything you need to make your wedding a special moment that you will cherish forever.